Sunday, August 30, 2015

Review: Imaginary Authors Yesterday Haze

If you haven't tried anything from the niche brand Imaginary Authors, get out there and buy the sample pack - this line has something for everyone, and even if you are the rare soul who can't find a perfect match, the sampling is going to be a fun, interesting experience. I especially like the originality and relative affordability of the line. Retail on a full bottle runs about $85, which is competitive even with department store scents, and you can often pick them up for 20% off at online retailer Parfum1.
Yesterday Haze is a fig scent. I do love fig, so it's an easy sell for me. But where most fig perfumes focus on the greenness of the fig tree, resplendent with sappy leaves and aromatic wood, this one plays up the fruit. This is a lush, jammy fig with a dose of cream and a hint of nuttiness.  I adore it. It does exceptionally well in the heat but I am happy to wear it year round. Lasting power is very good, with a few spritzes in the neck area giving me a good 6 hours of sillage.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Lipstick Stash

Clearly, I like me some pinks!  I know most people would say I need a nice true red in my collection, but I've had reds before and never wear them. I *do* kind of want a vampy berry for fall - any suggestions? And I think I need to do some swatching - there are a good number in here I haven't yet reviewed on this blog!
From left to right:
MAC Huggable in Play It Soft
Kevyn Aucoin Matte in Relentless
Kevyn Aucoin Matte in Timeless
Givenchy Le Rouge in Mandarine Bolero
Givenchy Le Rouge Rose d'Exception
Givenchy Le Rouge Beige Plume
Givenchy Le Rouge Violine Precieux
Chanel Hydrabase in Magnolia Rose
MAC Lustre in Delish
MAC Cremesheen in Mystical
MAC Lustre in Plumful
Burberry Lip Velvet in Pink Apricot
Chantecaille Lip Chic in Bourbon Rose

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Review: Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick in Dynamic

The make up community has had a bit of a buzz over these Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy lipsticks lately, and so even though I have never had a single cosmetic product from Estee Lauder work out well for me, I ordered one to try. I was reasonably impressed - it does not suck. The color is rich; this particular shade, dynamic, is a ripe rosy pink with a hint of peachy-red undertones. It lasts a pretty long time (4 hours on me, through eating and drinking) and is fairly comfortable. I did find it slightly drying but not egregiously so. Here's what I don't care for, though: it emphasized my lip lines. Settled right into them. The reason is that it has all that pigment but not enough slip to keep it plumped up. That's why I love Givenchy Le Rouges - they are plenty slippery and plenty pigmented, and so even though they are matte, they are very flattering and comfortable to wear. I won't be trading in my Le Rouges for Estee Lauder anytime soon.

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Nordstrom Beauty GWP is rockin' my world...

When I noticed Nordies had a beauty event going on last week, I decided to use my saved up Nordstrom Notes and splurge on the bottle of Bond No 9 Queens I've been wanting. This gwp was a very nice bonus! It comes with a clutch (meh) and lots of samples, including some very generously sized ones (yay!).  A few of the ones I'm most excited about:

  • Crabtree & Evelyn Citron hand cream perfectly sized for my purse
  • Fresh Honey Mask pot with enough product for at least 3 treatments
  • Mario Badescu facial spray in a ginormous 2 oz bottle
  • Clarins Mission Perfection Serum

Review: See by Chloe

A lot of people who are into niche fragrances automatically dismiss anything found in a department store, but I think that's a mistake. Sure, a lot of them smell the same, but there are some gems out there. For me, See by Chloe is one. This is a soft, green floral with fruity topnotes. Don't worry, if you object to fruit, it's gone quickly. I get apple and bergamot in the top notes, then sun-warmed apple blossoms in the middle.  There is a touch of ylang ylang in here and sandalwood in the base. I find it appropriate for work or play. It reminds me of spring, my favorite season. It's not especially longlasting just applied to the skin, but if I spray the back of my neck, it will waft around me all day. Topping all that off, the bottle is adorable - inspired by vintage birdcages. And did I mention it comes in 30 ml and only cost me about $25?  Hard to beat that.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Review: Smashbox Brow Tech To Go in Brunette

I always love me a good two-in-one and this brow product seemed like a fantastic option for travel: a brow pencil and gel all in one tube? Win! But not so fast. One side contains a little wand with clear brow gel that you can unscrew and out pops the wand. I liked this. The tiny wand works great for brows and the gel performed well. The other side contains the pencil. You pop off the cap and see - what the heck?  It's triangular. And thick. How on earth they expect you to fill in brows naturally with this clunky thing, I have no idea. The color was a decent match for me. I got Brunette and normally have issues with brunette shades being too warm, but this one worked ok. It was the shape and thickness of the pencil that did me in. It was impossible to get a natural look because the strokes were inevitably too thick, particularly for filling in the tail of my brow. It's a shame because the concept for the product was great. Execution simply fell flat.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

This Week's Fragrance Lineup

A bit late posting this, but here are the fragrances I'm wearing this week:

  • Molinard Fleur de Figuier: figgy and a bit floral with a touch of sap, this is my favorite fig in the world
  • See By Chloe: a fantastic work fragrance, light apple blossoms
  • A Lab on Fire What We Do In Paris Is Secret: beautiful scent, a bit of a throwback with its old fashioned floral melange
  • Tom Ford Noir Femme: warm and sexy